We are a team of professionals who are committed to offering comprehensive service to our clients in an efficient and timely manner. Our services encompass manual and computerized accounting system set up, control and process improvement auditing, tax planning, company secretarial services, investment advice and web service.

All our management team members are professional accountants and have been worked for the ˇ§Big Fourˇ¨ CPA firms. Our practice is inherited from that of the ˇ§Big Fourˇ¨ and our service standard is up to the same level. We emphasize interaction with clients and aim at building close relationship with our clients so as to provide quality services and solutions to meet our clients' needs. Our business-minded approach can serve our clients better because of the high degree of management involvement in our work. With the combination of training, education and experience, we are able to identify issues, analyze alternatives and provide innovative solutions to business problems.

It is a matter of trust, knowledge and experience brought to focus in delivering unparalleled client service that demonstrate our commitment to address the full scope of clientsˇ¦ business and personal needs. We see ourselves as not merely a service driven by compliance requirements, but as an effective partner in our clientsˇ¦ businesses.

Room 904, Wah Ying Cheong Central Building, 158-164 Queen's Road Central, Hong Kong

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